Monday, 5 May 2014

Photographs of the Tame: Present

Near the source of the River Tame by Bromford Road in Oldbury.
5 May 2012 (Creative Commons). 

Follow the River Tame along the Oldbury Arm from its source near Sandwell & Dudley railway station (the Willenhall Arm will be added shortly). We would love to see your pictures of sites along the river, so that we can add them and build up a picture of its route through the West Midlands. Please try and take pictures so that they follow the flow of the river and send them to .

The Tame coming into Sheepwash Urban Park. June 2008.
The canalised Tame through the Sheepwash.
June 2008 (Wikipedia Commons).
The river by Tame Bridge, just below Great Bridge. June 2008.
From the bridge on Holloway Bank
in Wednesbury. May 2014.
Hydes Road Pool, near Woden Road. Does anyone know why
the pool is here? May 2014.
The Tame from Hydes Bridge, near Wodensborough School.
Taken May 2014.
Near the confluence of the two arms of the Tame by Bescot.
July 2008 (Wikipedia Commons).
Under the two Perry Bridges, one from 1711 & the other from 1932.
Taken looking upstream in July 2013.
River, railway & motorway (M6) as the
Tame leaves Witton. July 2013.
The Tame going under the Birmingham & Warwick Junction
Canal, and both underneath Spaghetti Junction. May 2014.
By the M6. May 2014.
The River Tame meets the River Rea in Nechells near the M6
Heartlands Parkway. May 2014. 
The Tame near the 18th century pack-horse bridge on
Minworth Road in Water Orton. May 2014.
The river with inflow from the Water Orton sewage works.
May 2014.

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